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January in my Corner of the World

I am joining up with a group of photographers from around the globe to share a little bit about what’s special about our part of the world in each month of the year. In some months (like this one) it may be weather related in other months it may be about holidays and traditions, but I guarantee that each month it’s going to be really interesting to see what we all have to share!

It’s January in Manitoba, and you can bet your bottom dollar that’s going to mean ice and snow. Yes, it’s cold. Very cold! Just last week we had a stretch of days where is was -35° or lower and staying warm inside was much more appealing that going outside to “enjoy” winter. But the beautiful thing about cold is that it sometimes brings frost…and frost really is beautiful! I can’t think of a more beautiful time to take pictures in winter than on a frosty day!

Now, take a journey with me! See what these other amazing photographers each have to share about where they live. For our next stop on our trip around the world, we head west to Calgary to see what Ardelle Neubert of LifeFlicks Photography has to share from her corner of the world!

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Jaime this image takes my breath away! Stunning! I was originally a Winnipeg girl so I completely understand how cold it really is there.

My goodness, what a stunning picture. Snow and ice really do make for some beautiful imagery.

Wow Jaime! This picture is stunning – and seems quite representative of your -35?!!!! weather. I love the simplicity of this so much!

Wow! Wow, wow, wow! That is a stunning view.

Oh my gosh Jaime, this is stunning! Just perfect. Love, love, love!

thirty five below! ouch! What a stunning image from those low temps though. It is truly breathtaking.

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