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52 in 2013 | Week 8

This week’s theme is “wide angle”. Nothing like a beautiful Maui landscape, complete with a double rainbow, for that one!

Please check out Jennifer Steffen’s blog next!

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Wow. I just want to go there right now. And those rainbows!! Sigh.

We are going to Maui in November! Makes me even more excited to see your photo!

Beautiful image and love the rainbows!!

OMGoodness wow – that is an awesome shot. So so beautiful.

Wow! It’s a double rainbow! So beautiful!

Wow, amazing shot! That rainbow is so crisp it almost looks fake! Great job!

first word that came to mind when I saw this image…WOW! That is beautiful! Love the rainbow!

No wonder they call it paradise! Holy cow that’s gorgeous!!

Nikki R.

Wow Jamie, this is awesome. You make me want to hop on a plane to Maui.

Everyday Moments | Hawaiian Vacation

It’s so nice to get a break from the ice and snow and get to enjoy some beach weather in the middle of winter!

Playing ping pong at the hotel.


Fun on the beach.

Holding a sea star.

Climbing to the summit or Haleakala.


Continue on to Kimberly Skeen’s Blog to see the everyday moments she has captured.

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[...] of an amazing blog circle highlighting “Everyday Moments” – please go check out Jamie’s fabulous Hawaiian vacation full of sand and [...]

Winter Landscapes

Much of the northern hemisphere is still blanketed by a layer of snow. Despite the fact that I too grumble about the cold weather and look at my summer photos dreaming longingly of warmer days, winter truly is a beautiful time! I decided to take a day to go out and shoot the landscape around me and use it as an opportunity to share some tips to help you go out and capture some of the wintery vistas around you too.

For the full tutorial, please check out the post on the ClickinMoms blog.


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52 in 2013 | Week 6

This week our theme was “grain”, and I decided to go with a more literal definition. I’ve left the ice and snow behind for a couple of weeks, and instead, I am enjoying every last grain of sand on Ka’anapali Beach!


Check out how the other members of our circle have interpreted “grain” by going to Kasia Gilbert’s blog next!

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Totally jealous of you!!

Love that place! Enjoy!

Gorgeous! I think you placed the in-focus area perfectly and the depth of field is just right.

Oh my gosh ~ wish I was where you are!! We are enjoying a blizzard, your image makes me wish for summer!! or another vacation! :)

OOh the beach…jealous jealous. Beautiful shot – really love all the pretty colors.

This shot makes me LONG FOR SUMMER!!!!!! This is beautiful….I love how it’s center focused(my favorite)!!!


I lived in Hawaii as a kid and I remember how beautiful some of the sand was from all the ground up shells and lava. This is just beautiful. Took me back. Thanks for sharing!

Ooh Jealous! Love the grains of sand. Isn’t it amazing how it all looks like one color when you look from afar, but so individual up close! Great idea using the shell as a focus point.

Totally jealous of you & your “grain” right now. I wish my bare feet were in that grain! Great shot!

gorgeous – love the soft colors and composition! I tried for something similar…except I’m not on a beautiful beach :)


So jealous! Love your grain.

yessss! Enjoy, enjoy! Great DOF & love that little shell!

What a cool shot! I love the texture of the sand and the use of depth of field in this image!


I just love this take on grain! Clever and beautiful!

Nikki R.

Love the texture details in this shot.