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52 in 2013 | Week 5

Theme: Animals

I can’t believe it’s February already! Our local groundhog Winnipeg Willow predicted an early spring, but it seems to me that all the other animals are staying warm in their dens and hibernating a little longer because there aren’t many hanging around to photograph. Even our cat was staying cozied up under the covers!

Check out the animals that our the other members of our circle have caught a glimpse of by going to Kasia Gilbert’s blog next!

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Gorgeous kitty! And yay for the groundhog, I sure hope he is right.

Oh wow ~ love the eyes. It is very cold around here, I would stay under the covers too :)

I love the one of him peeking out from the covers! I’m ready for spring here too though only because winter was so uneventful. Bring on beach season!


Sweet snuggly kitty!

Sweet photos. I always loved it when my dog would snuggle down in the covers to keep warm… :)

I love them both! The framing in the first is just perfect, the way the white side of the blanket wraps her sweet face. And her(?) eyes in second are stunning!!!

How sweet – love that he’s cuddled under the covers.

What beautiful eyes your kitty has! Striking.

Heather Richard

sweet kitty!!

I swear that cat knows something I don’t…mysterious…I always think cats look mysterious

Nikki R.

Love the peeking from the covers shot.

Close Up Portraiture

This blog post is part of a series, one for each month of 2013, and each month will involve a different creativity challenge.
Please head over to Marissa Gifford’s blog to see some more amazing close up portraiture!

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I love how much you can see reflected in the eye!

Great catchlights! Love this shot!

Adele Humphries

Oooh!! Look at the clarity!! Love this Jaime!

Great catchlight you captured!

Love the processing!

I agree I love the big catchlights in the eyes. So pretty.


I love the shadow of the eye crease and the freckles. So many great elements here!


I agree that catch light is amazing!

Love this. The clarity is incredible.

Oh, wow. The detail here is amazing!

Oh my goodness! I love how you can see everything reflected!

Wow, love all the detail you were able to capture Jaime!

My first thought here was “wowzers! now that’s close!” – great job!

January in my Corner of the World

I am joining up with a group of photographers from around the globe to share a little bit about what’s special about our part of the world in each month of the year. In some months (like this one) it may be weather related in other months it may be about holidays and traditions, but I guarantee that each month it’s going to be really interesting to see what we all have to share!

It’s January in Manitoba, and you can bet your bottom dollar that’s going to mean ice and snow. Yes, it’s cold. Very cold! Just last week we had a stretch of days where is was -35° or lower and staying warm inside was much more appealing that going outside to “enjoy” winter. But the beautiful thing about cold is that it sometimes brings frost…and frost really is beautiful! I can’t think of a more beautiful time to take pictures in winter than on a frosty day!

Now, take a journey with me! See what these other amazing photographers each have to share about where they live. For our next stop on our trip around the world, we head west to Calgary to see what Ardelle Neubert of LifeFlicks Photography has to share from her corner of the world!

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Jaime this image takes my breath away! Stunning! I was originally a Winnipeg girl so I completely understand how cold it really is there.

My goodness, what a stunning picture. Snow and ice really do make for some beautiful imagery.

Wow Jaime! This picture is stunning – and seems quite representative of your -35?!!!! weather. I love the simplicity of this so much!

Wow! Wow, wow, wow! That is a stunning view.

Oh my gosh Jaime, this is stunning! Just perfect. Love, love, love!

thirty five below! ouch! What a stunning image from those low temps though. It is truly breathtaking.

Lensbaby Project | January

I have a Lensbaby 2.0 lens, but it spends far too much time in my bag and not enough time on my camera because it’s just not the kind of lens I use for day to day shooting. Along with the other blog circles I am participating in, I have also joined up with one dedicated solely to this funky little lens! It’s a ton of fun to shoot with, looks more like a piece of vacuum cleaner pipe than something that should attach to a camera, and it creates funky images that sometimes make you feel like you’ve take one too many rides on a roller coaster! So without further ado, here is my contribution to the craziness we call the Lensbaby Project!

Please be sure to check out the rest of our blog circle by going to the next blog belonging to Courtney Breul of Courtney Breul Photography.

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I love these, Jamie! The moon one is especially fabulous!

Kristen Ryan

Beautiful Jaime! Love them!

Love these – the sheet music is a fabulous idea, and WOW on the moon!

Great shots! Your music notes are so wonderful!

Fantastic moon shot! And the quad image made me smile:)! Fun times- great capture!

Is that the moon?!! I wouldn’t have thought the Lensbaby could go that distance! And the music sheet is awesome!

Lovely moon shot!

wow, that moon shot is fantastic! is that with edge 80 and macro adapters? i also love the music sheet shot!

Confession: The moon photo is actually a photo of a photo. I had a previous shot of the moon that I loaded onto my ipad to get the lit effect and then took a photo of that. Melanie, you’re right the lensbaby couldn’t zoom in that close to get a shot of the actual moon like that. (at least not that I know of) ;)

Heather N.

Jamie I adore these images. I am in love with the second shot!!

Very beautiful photos!

Very cool shots; you’ve really captured the feeling of movement in your work!

I LOVE the two music related shots!

Oh wow, the moon shot is amazing, I don’t know how you managed to do that but its amazing!

I was wondering how you got the telescopic photo of the moon with your Lensbaby! That is awesome…LOL. I love the sheet music. Isn’t it great how something so simple can be so beautiful when you look at it a little differently.

What an amazing variety of images you got this month from snow to close up shots! Love them all!

Wow soooo creative! Love the sheet music and the moon

The MOON! Fabulous!

Fabulous! Love the sheet music and think the moon shot was a clever idea!

Gorgeous… I want a lens baby sooooo much!

52 in 2013 | Week 4

This week our challenge was “Low Light”, so here’s our fireplace from a completely dark room.

Please check out the rest of our blog circle by going to Kasia Gilbert’s blog next!

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[...] [...]


Very pretty light!! Looks cozy too.

Warms me up to look at it!

That was a great idea…unique! Looking at it makes me wanna get in my pj’s, snuggle up on the couch, and sleep! Nice job! :)

Megan Graves

I wish I had a fireplace! That looks so cozy!

I need one of those today! Looks cozy. =)

Looks nice and cozy!

Awesome shot. Makes me wish we didn’t have the sealed glass fireplace. I bet there is good crackling there!

LOOK HOW YOU CAN SEE THE PURPLE IN IT!!!! It honestly makes me want to start my fireplace and get on a big thick pair of socks!!!

Nikki R.

There are some really nice colors and textures in this image. Great shot!

Looks so warm and inviting! Great low light image!

The fire looks so cozy. I wish we had a fire here. Thanks for sharing your fire! :)

Wow, cool that your room was completely dark! Looks super cozy, I made my husband go out and buy an electric fireplace (soooo not the same), I could not live without one in my house!!