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52 in 2013 | Week 3

“Cold” Well, we’ve sure had our fair share of that lately!!! As I’m sitting here looking at the frost on the windows, I’m dreaming of the beach!

Check out how “cold” it is around the circle this week, starting with Kasia Gilbert’s blog!

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Perfect image for this week! I will send some sunshine your way! :)

Oh, please tell me that is not a macro of your window! Brrrrrr!!! I can’t even imagine. Fun detail and textures!

Stunning! I need to get some tips from you on using my macro.

So creative! Love this!

Amazing Macro shot! Love it. And Brr! that looks cold!

Wow. Aren’t those structures amazing?, cool macro shot!

Nice frost, wow. Perfect macro shots!

I CAN NOT even begin to think of how to get a shot like this!!!! Amazing and perfect for this week!!!!

That’s amazing! And beautiful. I’ve never seen frost like this before.


Very cool! Look at you, so smart. Staying indoors while capturing something so magnificent! So glad you shared this, truly amazing!

Wow ~ great shot and fits perfect for cold. I am with you about dreaming of the beach, summer can’t come soon enough!!

Nikki R.

Fantastic shot. The texture and details are stunning.

52 in 2013 | Week 2

This week our challenge was to capture “depth of field”. I decided to do that by doing a macro shot of a snowflake, showing the one tiny snowflake in focus amongst a bunch of out of focus snow.

Please check out the rest of the blog circle by heading over to Kasia Gilbert’s blog next!

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Wow, this makes me want a macro like crazy! I love the detail of this shot! The rest of the snow looks like fluff! Snowflakes are amazing.

Heather Richard

jealous that you have snow! LOVE this!

Seeing everyone’s macro shots has really confirmed for me what my next lens purchase will be. Perfect little snowflake!

Oh wow, this is perfect. I need to learn how to shoot a macro snowflake. Yours is so gorgeous.

Amazing!! I just got my macro and am dying for some snow to play in. This is gorgeous!

Wow. I want this on my wall. Beautiful. Man I miss the snow. This is breathtaking. Thank you for sharing this image Jaime!

I swear, you have an eye for the artistic side of photography. The way you take “different” angles, think outside the box, and bring forth beautiful shots

Awesome how just one snowflake is sharp and the others are all fluffy. Someday I hope to be able to shoot macro.

Gorgeous, gorgeous photo!!!

love. love! what a magical thing to see! Thank you so much for sharing, this is gorgeous!!!

Nikki R

This is a very cool shot. I love the text and details in it.

What a beautiful macro shot. I need to get out and get one done with all the snow we have!


Gahhhhh! This is GORGEOUS! LOVE!

awesome macro shot!

52 in 2013 | Week 1 “New”

Happy New Year!! In honor of the new year, I am joining a group of talented photographers embarking on a year long challenge. Over the next 52 weeks, we will take on different themes each week, interpreting those themes in our own creative way, and sharing them in a blog circle. I can already see that this year is off to a great start! It’s going to stretch our creativity, keep us on our toes, frustrate us, and will definitely be a heck of a lot of fun! I am excited to see where this journey will take us! So without further adieu…here’s to 52 in 2013!!

Of course, this blog circle wouldn’t be possible without all the other amazing photographers that are on this crazy ride with me! Check out what’s “NEW” over on Kasia Gilbert’s blog!

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I love Christmas light bokeh. And a good glass of wine or bubbly! Did you use OCF here? I like the lighting.


Beautiful! Looks so inviting.

great perspective!! I love the clarity of this!

Gorgeous bokeh in your image! Happy New Year! Very excited about this 52 Project! Cheers!

Ok now this is perfect for this week! The bokeh is just amazing and I love the colors here. Now I want a sip. :)

Perfect image for bringing in the New Year! Cheers! :)

Gorgeous image!! Love the bokeh! Perfect toast to the new year!!

That looks good enough to drink! Great way to kick off a new year and a new project!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shot!!!! I am a sucker for the gorgeous bokeh!!!!

This just makes me happy! love it!

Oooh, this is making me thirsty!!! Beautiful shot. Great job in low lighting and love that bokeh!!!

Love this – gorgeous simplicity! Beautifully composed!

Beautiful bokeh and crisp, sparkling glass! You have a beautiful blog too.

Nikki R

Love the bokeh in this image. Nice job!