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Sweet Music

Our little musician will be starting piano lessons this fall! The piano may be sitting quietly right now, but it excites me to think that in about a month, her little fingers will be making their way across the keys. I can hear the sweet music already!

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I LOVE that you have a section for your iPhone photos! I may have to borrow that idea. ;)

Eclipse at Sunset Bay

We sat outside for the full two hours of the solar eclipse this past weekend and I, of course, had my camera in hand! I’m sure we got some strange looks from the boaters going by, because we were sitting there with welding masks on! LOL! Here are a couple of the highlights…

The end of the eclipse was almost perfectly timed with sunset. The last sliver of moon was just clearing off the sun as the sun got to the horizon, and this is the sunset that we got to enjoy!

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Super Moon!

So, I couldn’t actually take a picture of the “super moon” tonight since it’s mostly cloudy out. But I figured, in honor of the event, I would share a picture that I previously took of the moon.

That particular night, I had the opportunity to mount my camera on a telescope and shoot away! It was quite an experience, and not at all like shooting with a normal lens. The telescope doesn’t have an aperture the way a lens does, so exposure is controlled through shutter speed and ISO only. To add to the difficulty, the telescope zooms you in so much, that you can actually see the moon moving across the frame of the viewfinder and you have to chase it. So, that moon that seems to be stationary in the sky? Not so much, when you’re looking at it that close. The moon is racing across the sky at over 1000 meters per second! It’s like trying to shoot a small child running around the room. If you don’t keep the shutter speed up, you WILL have motion blur!

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